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Ministers’ commitment to gas in energy mix is “common sense” [...]
By contrast, putting order out to international tender could cost shipbuilding jobs and prosperity, warns union [...]
The Government's haphazard approach to Brexit - coupled with Trump’s protectionist steel tariffs, are putting high quality UK jobs on the line says GMB Union [...]
The National Infrastructure Commission is wrong is to suggest Britain can in some way ‘get by’ without a balanced energy mix says GMB Union [...]
Review commissioned by Defence Secretary strengthens GMB’s campaign to keep Fleet Solid Support order in the UK [...]
Theresa May has appointed someone who think British workers are 'lazy' and threatens rights including the minimum wage says GMB [...]
The gravy train needs to end - public services should be just that; public says GMB Union. [...]
This Government needs to start thinking of the lives of Britain’s workers – and their families – rather than internal Tory party bickering says GMB. [...]
Our members working in the West Ambulance Service play a fundamental role in the health of our nation says GMB Union [...]
GMB Union celebrates LGBT+ community as Government release equality report, but warns about harassment at work [...]

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National News